The Movement playground

I present my choreographic work under my artistic venture, The Movement Playground. Creating my movement vocabulary derives from analyzing emotional and physical impulses, utilizing improvisational scores and strategies and finding new ways of incorporating gestures that can express intent and energy while still remaining true to the performer's self. While conceptualizing work, we explore the hidden corners of our world. The darkness in our light.


as i slowly spiral into/out of control (2017)

Physicalizing emotional impulses through movement, "as i slowly spiral...", touches upon feelings of anxiety and the removal of one's self from their physical body. 


collected things (2017)

A dance for one body, where the movement scavenges for memories of a time long gone and the emotional journey that brings us back always to the beginning. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 4.49.19 PM.png

city of sand (2017)

The Movement Playground's first commissioned work! Paired up with Bucknell University Dance Students, we've created a nomadic tribe that is on a mission to settle, conquer and rise as a community.


caesar of rome  (2017)

Structure conquers all. In this work, we observe the architectural beauty within movement and use it as a guiding choreographic tool to etch, delineate and enhance the space as well as create flowing images that are logical yet beautiful.

a sketch of twenty and a body of one (2017)

"a sketch of twenty and a body of one" explores the sense of collective nostalgia and memories. 17 bodies collide in a barren space in which together they reconstruct as they try to piece together the fractured continuum that is their past. 

a cønversation on drowning (2016) 


"a cønversation on drowning" is an exploration on the need for survival and the inevitable feeling of loss.

this is the city of spare parts (2015)

Inspired by the writings of Sylvia Plath, 9 feminine figures emerge and contest the fragile duality between perfection and uniformity.