full, flock, folk, together (2018)

a site responsive work featuring 10 bodies exploring the geographical barriers that separate us citizens. Presented as Socrates Sculpture Park as a Part of INSITU 2018.

what would become of us (2017)

a duet that narrates the journey of two bodies in space reconstructing after devastation from a natural disaster. Featured in Nachmo's curated theater show 2018.

as i slowly spiral into/out of control (2017)

a structural study. a quartet based on the emotional impulses of anxiety. 


meet me at midnight (2018)

three silhouettes on the theme of love. Commissioned by ballet forte.


collected things (2017)

a choreographed improvisational structure that explores spectrums and stories. collecting as much information on impulse, one body constructs a narrative in a repetitive cycle of vulnerability and secrecy.

a sketch of twenty and a body of one (2017)

an exploration on community and nostalgia. 17 bodies construct a past that never was and a future that was never meant to be.

a cønversation on drowning (2016)

an exploration on the need for survival and the inevitable feeling of loss.


caesar of rome (2016)

a compositional study on the beauty of linearity, structure and logic.